Italy is an absolute point of reference for world enology. The quality of its wines is renowned throughout the world.

From the Alps to Sicily, in the midst of the rolling hills of the marvelous panoramas, it is practically impossible not to see, practically everywhere, the presence of the vine and long stretches of vineyards. In Italy, the vine is cultivated everywhere; it is practically present in every region and each of these has autochthonous grape varieties, often forgotten or undervalued, in each region wine has been produced practically forever.

In addition to the autochthonous grapes of which Italy is rich, many species of French origin are also cultivated, often called "international", such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon with which excellent wines are produced. The tendency of Italian producers, probably to satisfy the so-called "international" taste of consumers, is to use "international" grapes together with local grapes, a trend that, unfortunately, is increasingly followed. The great advantage available to Italy, that is to say to possess autochthonous grape species like in no other country in the world, should be exploited in a more prudent way by the producers since, there are already numerous and extraordinary examples, from those grapes they can obtain high quality wines with characteristics of extraordinary finesse.

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