Scelti Per Te

1969 vintage 50 years old

Personalized Champagne Saber Grandi Bottiglie

summer bubbles grandi bottiglie

Grandi Bottiglie is a reality built on a living passion for over 15 years: wine.

Based on buying and selling wines and on the evaluation of investment wines, Grandi Bottiglie is a reality made up of global wine merchants who, relying on decades of experience, know the wine market and the real value of the producers and labels that accompany them .

In 2005 the visionary project of a global distribution of a vertical market niche was born: the vintage wines for gift.

Today, the website is the reference point for the online purchase of vintage wines alongside a series of personalized wine accessories through laser engraving in order to provide users with a complete service dedicated to the purchase of 100% personalized gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, ceremonies and holidays in general.

On you will find a catalog of over 36.000 wines divided by harvest year and fine wines for investment, as well as a wide line of handcrafted wine accessories to embellish and make your personalized gift truly unique.