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BOTTLES OF WINE TO GIVE AWAY TO CELEBRATE AN EVENT WITH ELEGANCE AND ORIGINALITY is not just an e-commerce, it is a space designed for those looking for a different gift idea, original, dedicated and personalized that can always make a difference: a huge cellar of special bottles of wine to be given away at any time when it is necessary to celebrate an important event with an unusual gift idea. On you'll find over 36,000 bottles of vintage wine gifts and wine accessories customized, aware that giving wine is a gesture appreciated by everyone: it is an excellent gift idea for wine lovers and an excellent gift idea for those who have no experience of wine. A beautiful bottle of wine is never wrong and, as a gift of wine, you can always make the center! Choose the bottle of vintage wine corresponding to the date of the event or the person to celebrate for an exciting, emotional and very original gift.


Vintage bottles are first of all real collector's pieces, antiques, and only later, perhaps, wines intended as a product to be tasted, because it is actually not a wine, but an emotion! Giving a wine of the vintage corresponding to the date to be celebrated means giving a personalized object vehicle of memories and emotions of past years. Moreover, wine is a gift that never wrong!


The right vintage bottle must be accompanied by the right presentation, the wooden wine box is the best solution for an even more original gift idea. Choose the wooden wine box that best suits your bottle and engrave it as you like: images, logos, dedications or phrases. A single custom wine cassette is suitable for any occasion, birthday, wedding or corporate event.


Customizing your gift idea is the best way to show how much commitment you put into your gesture. All our personalized wine accessories are laser engraved to make them unique and original: wooden wine boxes are perfect containers to accompany the right vintage gift bottle or fine wine, champagne sabers and custom corkscrews are great gift ideas for sommeliers and wine lovers.


A line of wedding gift ideas based on a passion that, on many occasions, unites not only the partners but the whole family: wine! Find the right wedding gift idea from personalised wine bottles for weddings, personalised wine labels, customisable vintage bottles for wedding anniversaries, personalised wooden wine boxes, wedding favours and many more original gift ideas!


The concept of vintage wine lends itself very well to the celebration of an important event such as a birthday. By choosing the wine of the vintage corresponding to the date to be celebrated you will have the opportunity to give an object of high antique value and totally customized on the vintage of the anniversary or the person to be celebrated, to be displayed proudly in plain sight. The wine is never wrong, whether it is a wine lover or not.

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We have made creative personalization our strong point where the only limit is your imagination! No matter what the event is to be celebrated, our craftsmen will know how to model a personalized gift idea suitable for any occasion: our personalized wine bottles allow you to communicate any message or image you have in mind directly on the personalized label. Personalized wine labels are excellent marketing tools to give value to your brand by creating a personalized wine bottle with the name of your company, restaurant or business, or, a beautiful idea related to wine for marriage reporting a personalized wine label with the names of the spouses, there are no limits! The best aspect? Unlike many other companies that do not allow which type of wine to choose, our personalized wine bottles can be chosen from all our wines in the catalog, applying the customized wine label on the wine you love, keeping the back label intact to ensure originality and prestige of the bottle!