I migliori vini di Borgogna economici

Cheap Burgundy Wines: a low cost trip to the land of French wine

The wines of Burgundy are among the best wine products in the world, recognized for the high quality that characterizes them and for the variety of wines that are produced despite being based, practically, on only 2 large vineyards in particular: Pinot Noir Bourgogne for the Burgundy red, Chardonnay for the white wine of Burgundy together, sometimes, with Aligotè.

Burgundy, in French Bourgogne, is a piece of land located 230 km from Paris in the area of Central France composed of 4 departments: Yonne, Cote-d'Or, Saône and Loire.

Burgundy is one of the most quoted regions in the world for the high and extraordinary productive quality of its wines, whose producers have always pursued a precise and delineated art: the preservation of the territory, its organoleptic qualities and the absolute departure from the standardization of a wine.

The entire wine production of Burgundy is based on this concept, pushing producers and winemakers to use exclusively manual, organic, organic and biodynamic tests both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

This preference is dictated by the desire to allow the vineyard a totally natural growth and development, characterized by strong plants and naturally protected from the attack of disease and mold.
In the same way, the terroir will keep the full of its organoleptic properties, true heritage of wuesta land of wines, while in the cellar the removal of chemical manipulation and support to the vinification will allow the production of wines able to exrpimere in a powerful and natural way all the organoleptic qualities and intrinsic characteristics that the attention to cultivation has been able to transmit.

Great Bottles has selected a series of cheap Burgundy wines that can meet any budget, so you can enjoy a wonderful Burgundy wine while savoring the qualities of this region and its terroir without exploding your wallet!

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