Grandi Bottiglie is: a reality made up of wine merchants

Grandi Bottiglie srl is a reality that bases its core business on a passion and a specialization: a vertical niche based on vintage wines from collectors' or gift's, fine wines, rare wines, investments in wine and personalized wine accessories.

Founded in 2005 by Emanuele Spagnuolo, wine expert and investor in first-person wines, he was born from a small garage that sold wines through Ebay to arrive today in the global market as Wine Merchants Company, or Wine Merchants, a reality of people that for passion and discovery moves daily to buy and sell wines from and to the whole world.

Diversified in two main sectors of commerce, both being part of sought-after and particular niches, Grandi Bottiglie is not comparable to a simple wine shop as much as to an ultra vertical reality in two much more particular sectors, vintage wines and fine and rare wines.

Grandi Bottiglie is: vintage wines

The vintage gift wines represent the trend in which Grandi Bottiglie has been vertical for 15 years and the second way to diversify from the traditional idea of ​​classic wine.

Unlike what many think linking to vintage wine the same concept that accompanies wine in general, meaning therefore as a drink to be tasted or accompanied by food, vintage wine is first and foremost an object of very high antique value, only later, perhaps, is it to be understood as wine.

The vintage wine is an object that is proudly displayed on the house top accompanied by a traditional personalized wooden box, which is mainly sought as an exciting and emotional gift at important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any other occasion of a certain importance.

Because it gives an emotion, it gives images of a past and now distant time, a gift for enthusiasts and not that is further enhanced by the prestige of the producer or the type of wine. It is a gift conceived and 100% customizable thanks to a line of wine accessories that can be customized by laser engraving that we have decided to combine with vintage bottles in order to make the gift and the emotional effect it generates even more unique.

Vintage wine is not drunk, it is not known if one can drink and no one will ever know until one accepts the risk with courage and decides to uncork it to taste it, losing all its emotional and sentimental value that he carries with him from the years of his bottling. In summary, vintage wine is a precious object to collect and display with pride.

Grandi Bottiglie is: fine and rare wines

Fine and rare wines are part of an expertise and experience in the research and distribution of very particular, hard to find or difficult to find labels whose market value is very high and which are usually intended for connoisseurs, connoisseurs and great collectors.

The fine wines we treat are not labels that can be found on any shelf, but wines that for their value are not only a wine product but a real investment able to generate revaluations up to + 10% in 12 months and + 192% in 10 years. It is from this desire to break away from the traditional concept of classic wine that Grandi Bottiglie opens up to a little-known sector that intends to spread the important opportunities it offers: investment in wine.

Grandi Bottiglie is: personalized wine accessories

Personalized wine accessories were a desire and a vocation that Grandi Bottiglie wanted to add to the concept of vintage wine to give in order to make the thought even more personal.

Starting initially with a processing of accessories by manual pyrography, we have today arrived at a dedicated artisan and advanced machinery including a laser engraving machine that allows us to customize any surface.

A line of 100% personalized wine accessories is born: wooden wine boxes for 1, 2, 3 or 4 bottles, basic corkscrews and professional corkscrews, furnishings, bracelets and necklaces that can be completely customized according to the Customer's choices and ideas.

Given the success of this line of products, Grandi Bottiglie is committed daily to developing a much broader and more complex project that is taking shape over time from the analysis and selection of objects and accessories closely related to wine and from all over the world.

Grandi Bottiglie is: invest in wine

Investing in wine means choosing to move your capital by focusing on one of the safest products on the market and it is considered, due to its peculiar characteristics of a financial asset, a more reliable safe haven than gold: to date, it has never registered sudden market crashes unlike any other traditional asset instead subjected to cyclical collapses. Suffice it to say that even when in 2008, the period when the financial crisis began in Italy, all the main sectors recorded considerable losses, wine caused its investors to generate a profit of + 7%, growing steadily and consolidating over time, until it touched even peaks at + 16% in 12 months. Investing in wine means generating a revaluation which again this year was confirmed at around + 10% / year and between 160% and 192% in 10 years (Mediobanca study), clearly exceeding almost all traditional assets, including gold and Petroleum.

Furthermore, wine is an absolutely natural product and subject to an enormous number of variables that influence aging over time, it is therefore considered a perishable good and, for this reason, it is not subject to any capital gains tax.

As regards the investment of Grandibottiglie wine, it is a partner, consultant and storage center for vinio purchased with private cantinas at a controlled temperature available to the Customer:

  • Over 15 years of experience serving the customer
  • Initial targeted and specific advice based on the capital to be invested and the Customer's profit intentions
  • Constant and ongoing advice based on market trends
  • Private cellars at controlled temperature and humidity available to the customer for the storage of their wines

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