Champagne Sabers

Why champagne saber is used to open the champagne bottles?

The champagne saber is also known as sabrage saber because of its specific utility, and is in effect a cutting blade used exclusively in the spectacular technique of opening champagne bottles in ceremonial or festive contexts that takes its name, precisely , of Sabrage (from the French saber = saber).

The use of the champagne saber became popular in Napoleonic France when the army visited the aristocratic domains belonging to the empire.

Given the numerous victories won by the army, there were many celebrations, during which it was common practice to open the bottles with a convenient and easily available means and the saber was the weapon of choice for the light cavalry of the army, the Hussars.
It seems that during one of these celebrations Napoleon himself said "Champagne! In victory it is a merit; in defeat a necessity ", thus encouraging its use and practice. 

The champagne saber is slid along the body of the champagne bottle, towards the neck, with a sharp blow and the strength of the blade that hits the lip of the neck of the champagne bottle is enough to break the glass and separate the neck cleanly from the collar of the bottle which, together with the cap, is fired away by the force of the gas contained in the wine.

A champagne saber is a really very exclusive and exciting gift for a connoisseur of the prestigious bottles of French bubbles, but not only, because if the sabrage technique is correctly applied, it is effective in opening any bottle of sparkling wine.

Our particularity? You can customize the blade of the champagne saber with a name, a dedication or any phrase that makes the gift even more exclusive and unique, ensuring you a surprise effect of great impact.

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