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Personalized corkscrew, which wine accessories can be more precious for a true wine lover? 

The corkscrew, or bottle opener, or tirabuchon as you like to say, is an indispensable accessory today taken for granted so much that it has lost all its real importance and symbolism that once represented when, the bottle opener, was a status symbol expression of wealth and belonging to the upper middle class and nobility.

The first examples of bottle openers were born in the armouries of the mid 15th century in order to extract the lead balls from the mouths of the cannons and wrapped in a tow for cleaning the barrels of rifles and pistols.

To be used as a wine bottle opener you have to wait until 1680 when, the Messrs Holtzapffel armory in Charing Cross, tried to patent them for the purpose today known by all thanks to its particular screw shape that allowed to pass the cork easily extracting it with little effort from the neck of the bottle. 

The official patent arrived in 1700 by the Reverend Samuel Henshall, who managed to obtain the first real patent of cavaturaccioli.

The first examples were commissioned by the upper middle class who required the handcrafted creation of corkscrews personalized by the use of precious materials such as ivory, gold and silver inlaid.

The personalized corkscrew became a fashion object, a status symbol representing the noble wealth that required the handcrafted production of particular corkscrews, only with the passing of the years, like all fashions, this one too went down in the annals making it a tool of common use.

Today, the wine corkscrew is a tool present in every home, which has lost all its ancient symbolism, becoming a real tool of the trade for those who transformed wine into a job.

For a sommelier, in fact, professional corkscrews and personalized professional corkscrews are work tools jealously guarded and ready to use during service.

A personalized professional corkscrew is an exclusive, uniquely dedicated and precious gift for any sommelier or wine lover and, today, personalized corkscrews are very appreciated gifts by wine lovers and those who want to make an original and different gift.

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Personalized corkscrew

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