borgogno in verticale

Do you really know what a vintage wine bottle really is?

It seems obvious but it is not, because vintage bottles are first and foremost real collector's works, antiques and only later, perhaps, wines intended as a product to be tasted.

Why maybe? Because wine is an absolutely natural product, subject to an enormous quantity of variables that affect the body over time and this is why, with regard to vintage wine bottles with maybe 30, 40, 50 years of age, it is never possible to guarantee its drinkability.

The vintage wine is completely disconnected from the concept of wine to which we are accustomed, because it is NOT A BEVERAGE BUT AN EMOTION.

Giving a bottle of vintage wine is a much more exciting gesture than you think because it contains within it memories, emotions, feelings and memories of a time that has now passed, spent, far and far from us, regardless of the fact that the person in question is passionate about wine or that the bottle is actually drinkable.

Anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, special occasions or any other situation that requires a unique, original and above all emotional gift, vintage wine is the most correct answer.

Never trust those who offer you vintage wines pretending to be good to taste because it is impossible to ensure that you can drink it, but one thing is certain: everyone, everyone, will be able to assure you of the emotion they felt when opening a personalized wine box containing a bottle of wine from your year of birth!.