The Pommard appellation is located in the homonymous commune, few kilometers from the city of Beaune, in Bourgogne. In Pommard are exclusively produced red wines with Pinot Noir grape, as provided for by the disciplinary together with an optional percentage of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc up to 15%, which is not always used. The appellation does not include any Grand Cru but 28 premier cru, some of them very well known such as Rugiens-Bas and Grands Epenots. Premier Cru extend for 125 hectares and produce about 4500 hectoliters of wine every year. Vineyards which give life to "Village" wines extend for about 212 hectares (about 9,200 acres) and produce about 9,400 hectoliters of wine per year. Pommard's wines are recognized as being extremely tannic and robust, thanks to a higher component of clay in the soil which, mixed to limestone, allows the production of wines having an important structure, higher than the ones produced in the neighboring communes of Beaune and Volnay. Although it is traditionally considered as a land of the strongest and most virile wines of all Bourgogne, today Pommard can boast of a more variegated range as a consequence of the change of terroir and the development of new wine styles. A bit closed when young, Pommard's Pinot Noirs are at their best with aging, expressing an incredible harmony between richness and elegance.

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