Dogliani DOCG

Dogliani: a divine wine

Welcome to Dogliani, the pulsating heart of the renowned wine region, where every street, every vineyard, tells a story of passion and dedication to wine. Here, amidst the embrace of the Langhe hills, Dolcetto grapes find their finest expression, thanks to the mastery of winemakers who transform the fruit of the land into wines of extraordinary balance and refinement, praised and admired worldwide.

The history of Dogliani dates back centuries, with vine cultivation dating back to ancient times. However, it was in the distant year of 1593 that the official presence of Dolcetto grapes was sanctioned by a municipal ordinance, marking the beginning of a winemaking tradition that continues to shine with its own light today.

Dogliani is not just a wine but a symbol of prestige, an icon of Piedmontese culture and tradition. This is evidenced by the fact that even the President of the Republic, Luigi Einaudi, a native of these lands, recognized its value, contributing to elevating Dogliani to an international level of prestige.

The wine Dogliani embodies the authenticity and excellence of a tradition passed down from generation to generation, faithfully reflecting the unique terroir of the Langhe hills. With its transition from DOC to DOCG over the years, Dogliani has consolidated its position as an emblem of the quality of Piedmontese wines, guaranteeing consumers an assurance of authenticity and superiority.

The lands of Dogliani, bathed in a cool and temperate climate thanks to the proximity of the imposing Alps, offer an ideal environment for the cultivation of Dolcetto grapes. Here, the clay-limestone soil, known as "white soils," together with traditional cultivation practices, gives Dogliani its distinctive characteristics, creating a wine unique in its kind.

Dogliani presents itself with an intense ruby red color and an aromatic bouquet that enchants the senses, with notes ranging from ripe fruit to delicate spices. In the mouth, it surprises with its freshness, vitality, and harmoniously integrated tannins, making it the perfect accompaniment to traditional Piedmontese cuisine.

With its versatility and complexity, Dogliani lends itself to a wide range of pairings, from simple dishes to more elaborate ones. Whether you're enjoying a light appetizer or a refined dessert, Dogliani will always be the ideal companion, enhancing flavors and enriching the gastronomic experience.

Discover the pleasure of tasting Dogliani with typical dishes from the Langhe, such as vitello tonnato or ravioli del plin with roast sauce, and let yourself be transported on a sensory journey through the culinary wonders of this unique land.

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