Personalized wooden wine boxes

A personalized wooden wine box are the best accompaniment that can be chosen to enhance a vintage wine bottle, a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and other important events, even at company level.

Our personalized wooden wine boxes have been designed to be tailored to our customers, even the most demanding.

You can customize any wooden wine box with the celebrated name, a dedication, a picture or a small logo.

It's the perfect accessory to accompany a large bottle of wine and make your gift unique and sure effect! The personalized wooden wine boxes make the precious bottles they contain even more special and ensure the surprise effect on the person to whom we pay this tribute.

If you are looking for an original and high-impact gift idea, a wooden personalized wine box is perfect: you can choose the graphics and words to engrave, and dedicate them to the person for whom it is intended.

Tailor-made gift for a newly married couple? A personalized wooden wine boxe! Perhaps the splendid "Renoir" with their names and the date of the wedding, will preserve a prized wine.

An original idea for him and her who start living together? A personalized wooden wine boxe! You can choose the graphics you want, maybe the design of a small house that is a symbol of their love nest.

For a couple celebrating a wedding anniversary or Valentine's Day, make a unique and romantic gift that will amaze you and will remain forever.

Personalized wooden wine boxes are also suitable in more formal circumstances, as a gift for customers or for company employees at Christmas and perfect as a corporate gift. Fun gift to celebrate a colleague who retires, perhaps by having the number of days or years of work spent affected.

Personalized wooden wine boxes for bottles of sparkling wine or wine are original ideas for many events, such as a friend's birthday or a classmate's class.

The choice of the vintage bottle in combination with the personalized wine boxes is a custom-tailored gift, choose from a wide range of customizable cassettes enter the text or upload the image file you want to engrave, creativity has no limits!

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