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Campania Wines grandi bottiglieGreco di Tufo, Fiano d'Avellino e Taurasi, the most famous wines from Campania

Campania and its wines have a role of great importance in the Italian oenological panorama, especially for the valorization of the autochthonous grape varieties that are the basis of most of the Campania wines.

The wine history of this region begins in ancient times, even before the arrival of the Greeks the vine was cultivated, the Etruscans first and the Greeks then took care of developing the techniques of cultivation and production of wine, so that in Roman times, the wines of Campania were known throughout the empire.

In Campania the autochthonous vines are the real protagonists of the Campania wines, among the most important red berry vines there are aglianico, greco nero, primitivo, ciliegiolo and piedirosso, while among the vines based on the great white wines of Campania we find falanghina, malvasia di Candia, greco, asprinio and fiano.

Campania has 4 DOCG wines from Campania and 15 DOCG wines from Campania, the DOCG are all located in the inner part of the region, in the province of Avellino we find the Taurasi DOCG, red wine from Campania with low Aglianico, also known as Barolo of the South, Fiano d'Avellino and Greco di Tufo, the two most famous white wines from Campania produced respectively with fiano and greek grapes. The last Docg is located in the province of Benevento and is the DOCG Aglianico del Taburno.

Among the most important wineries in Campania we find Mastroberardino, Luigi Tecce, Ciro Picariello, Feudi di San Gregorio and Benito Ferrara.

If you are looking for wines that fully reflect the terroir from which they come, the wines of Campania are the right choice for you.

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