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Fine Tuscan Wines

Tuscan wines are an integral part of the entire Italian wine culture whose fame has spread throughout the world also thanks to this wine region, whose world-famous Tuscan red wines make it sought after and interesting.

Tuscan wine excels in quality and structure, full-bodied and ample aromas and flavors thanks to the particular organoleptic qualities of its terroir and the Tuscan grape varieties that give life to Tuscan red wines and Tuscan white wines excellent in all aspects on a par with the great Piedmont.

The best Tuscan wines are based on the vinification of a multitude of grape varieties that grow in very characteristic and different terroirs for organoleptic qualities, exposure of Tuscan grape varieties and mineral type of soil and the appellations that protect them are very numerous and varied.

The Tuscan DOC wines, for example, are divided into over 100 denominations, while there are about 20 DOCG Tuscan wines.

Which are the famous Tuscan wines?

The most famous Tuscan wines are undoubtedly Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti, a Tuscan red wine that is particularly and traditionally representative of this land and its culture and wine growing as well as the grape variety that is the production base of many fine Tuscan wines.

Another excellent Tuscan red wine is Montepulciano which, together with Vernaccia, are produced in the province of Siena and are both DOCG and excel, among the red grapes, Sangiovese, widely spread and cultivated here, Sangiovese Grosso, Canaiolo Nero and Mammolo.

Equally famous is the Tuscan white wine despite the fact that compared to red wines are less sought after by Italian wine lover for issues of taste and preferences more related to bouquets of aromas and spectra of more structured and full-bodied flavors that, basically, are reflected only in very well served red wines, among other things, the aging and more and more attention is instead given to biodynamic Tuscan wines.

In this section you can find a wide selection of fine Tuscan wines online easily purchased with a click!

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