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La Chambre d'Edouard 2017 is a French natural wine produced by the Domaine Grosbot-Barbara. It is a precise, harmonious and very elegant wine, made mainly from Pinot noir and Gamay grapes, coming from two different areas but both with granite and clay / sandy soils.

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Francia - loira


La Chambre d'Edouard 2017 Domaine Grosbot-Barbara

La Chambre d'Edouard 2017 is a French natural wine produced by the Domaine Grosbot-Barbara. In this small little denomination between Burgundy, Loire and Auvergne, the soils are granite, sandy and clayey. The estate comprises 7 hectares in total with the production of Pinot noir, Gamay, Chardonnay and Tressallier, the indigenous grape variety of Saint-Pourcain. Finished wine, received very fine, Nordic and persuasive. This wine is made up of Pinot Noir grapes in others and Gamay, from two different vineyards: the 1 ha "La Burelle" vineyard, located in Bransat, and the 1.14 ha "Les Maltotes" vine, is located in Cesset. Cavallo rest on limestone / clay soils, and after assembling the wines are in Pinot Noir sectors. This Edward's Room 2017 is a perfect interpretation of the territory, a combination of vineyard and terroir: intense ruby ​​red color, fruity and mineral notes they invade the nose, for a structured and fresco sip, very elegant. It is a precise, harmonious and persuasive wine.


REGION: Loire (France)

GRAPES: Pinot noir, Gamay

VINIFICATION: spontaneous fermentation, no filtration.

Natural Wines: the philosophy behind winemaking

Natural wine does not mean only without the addition of sulphites, it means working according to the ancient winemaking traditions with sulfur and copper in the vineyard, based on the effort of manual labor, the least interventionist activities possible letting the cycles of Nature do most of the work up to vinification of grape juice as it is, without any substances if not its own. The result of all this production philosophy is natural wine, a non-standardized wine that best expresses its identity, its terroir and its most intrinsic characteristics. Natural wines are much more difficult to produce than wines to which we are traditionally accustomed, because when there is no type of help from the use of balancing substances and support for winemaking, wine cannot be a way of putting: or is it good or bad. Natural wine was born as the commitment of the natural artisan winemakers to raise their product to the standardization of the taste and identity of the wine and the vineyard which, thanks to the widespread use of chemistry and new technologies, now leads to products with always the same flavors, regardless of the production area or the type of cultivation used. Biodynamic wine or natural wine, on the other hand, tends to enhance its identity, its essence, diversifying itself thanks to the exclusive organoleptic qualities that the precise terroir of belonging provides to the host grapes and which can only be expressed thanks to activities that do not intervene on the cultivation and winemaking processes.

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