Longevity, complexity and character are the main characteristics that distinguish Terlano wines. This is mainly due to the extremely high mineral content of the Terlano soil, which has positive stabilizing effects and gives the wines a truly unique freshness and character.

The Cantina Terlano is one of the oldest social wineries in South Tyrol; was born in 1893, the year in which twenty-four winemakers gathered in association to produce and trade wine. Today the winery, with around 120 associates, each cultivating an average of 160 hectares of vineyards, is one of the smallest operating in the region.

The small size makes a decisive contribution to ensuring product quality.

Carefully followed and curated by the oenologist Rudi Kofler, renowned red and white wines, all with the D.O.C.

The wine cellar of the winery represents a unicum in Italy with its 20,000 bottles from the year 1955 to today.

The search for quality and the wise reinterpretation of tradition are perhaps the two most important ingredients in the Terlano winery's recipe for success, ingredients that have enabled this reality to receive great international recognition and appreciation on numerous local tables.

Terlano Nova Domus Riserva 2019 Grandi Bottiglie
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