krug grandi bottiglieKrug luxury Champagne

Maison Krug is one of the most famous and important realities in the world of Champagne. The Maison was born in 1843, the year in which the German Joseph Krug, partner of the famous Jacquesson company, made the difficult decision to detach himself from the company to start his own production company, animated by the strong desire to want to create his own independent line on the basis of clear ideas with the aim of producing the best Champagne in the world


Thus began his line of Champagne, each bottle made with grapes from a distinct plot and with a well-defined character. He divided his production into two lines: the non-vintage ones, from the chef de cave's ability to create the cuvées, and the vintage ones, from the vintage of that year. Years of study and work have led the Maison to obtain enormous success and recognition from international critics.


Today the Maison Krug is in its sixth generation, led by Oliver, but is owned by the LVMH, the famous luxury group, precisely because its Champagnes have now become a symbol of luxury and elegance. Despite this, to date the production methods have remained faithful to the tradition and original ideas of creating labels of character that express the individual vintages or the characteristics of the distinct plots (over 250, including the Clos du Mesnil and Clos d ' Ambonnay) with absolute class and quality.


Tasting a Krug Champagne is a unique and exciting experience.

Krug Grand Cuvee 169eme edition Grandi Bottiglie
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