deutz grandi bottiglie

William Deutz, excellence and elegance for high-class champagnes

The origins of the Maison Deutz date back to 1838 and the company is located in Ay, in the Champagne region, founded by Wiliam Deutz and Pierre Geldermann.

With the passing of time, the company has grown more and more, expanding both in the surroundings of Ay and in the Cote des Blancs, and currently produces around 600 thousand bottles of top quality Champagne every year.

The company's own vineyards, however, are not sufficient to supply the necessary quantity of grapes, so Deutz turns to local growers whose excellent work and top-quality grapes are guaranteed.

In 1996, Louis Roederer became the first shareholder of Champagne Deutz and the management of the company passed to Fabrice Rosset, who showed the same rigour in his quest for excellence.

Since then, the cellar has been completely renovated and modernised: the musts ferment in steel barrels separately for each plot, after which the wines are aged in the underground cellar, which reaches up to 60 metres below ground level.

Deutz's style is based on perfectly controlled blends of 80% grands crus and premiers cru. Thanks to the magnificent terroir of Aÿ, Deutz manages to bring together the sometimes less digestible vinosity of Pinot Noir with a superb smoothness provided by the tension and freshness of Chardonnay.

Deutz Champagne Brut 2014 Grandi Bottiglie
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