Tenuta di Valgiano prefers to talk about people who work there and the spirit that unites them, rather than the place itself. Tenuta Di Valgiano is in fact a reference as the first vinery in Lucca to produce wine according to biodynamic methods. Biodynamics is a particular and controversial science that lays the foundations on Rudolf Steiner's thought (1861-1925) and his anthroposophical view according to which physical phenomena that occur in nature are closely connected with the spiritual dimension, in a big universal energy that moves the world. This philosophy is applied to achieve sustainable agriculture in full respect of the environmental ecosystem, this is how the biodynamics of which Tenuta di Valgiano promotes itself among the rolling hills of the Lucca area is born. The vineyard of Tenuta di Valgiano extends for about 20 hectares at 250 meters above sea level on soils rich in deposits of sandstone and limestone alberese marl, where they are subjected to sea breezes, temperature changes and a good sun exposure that allows a good maturation of the grapes. The mainly cultivated vines are Sangiovese, Syrah and Merlot from which are produced few labels of a refined intensity and smoothness.

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