caparzo grandi bottiglieCaparzo's Brunello

The Caparzo company is located in Caparzo, in the heart of Montalcino. It was founded in 1970 and is one of the historic Brunello di Montalcino farms. On the rolling Tuscan hills, located at an altitude ranging from 220 to 270 meters above sea level, 90 hectares of vines grow which rest on land of different origins: some, in fact, as in the case of those located in La Casa, are of schist-clayey formation, others, see those of the west area, called La Caduta, are instead rich in skeleton. 

Over the years the company has undergone several changes and innovations, such as a new fully underground aging cellar and the initial hectares have been doubled, and it is still growing continuously. Caparzo's production philosophy blends tradition and modern technology, to get the most out of nature without resorting to chemistry. The cellar is in fact equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory that allows you to monitor both the degree of maturity of the grapes and all the various stages of vinification and aging of the wines.


The result of this work are labels of extraordinary value and quality, pure representations of the terroir.

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