Renato ratti Barolo

Renato Ratti: the protagonist of Barolo innovation

In 1934 Rebato Ratti was born, founder and founder of the Ratti Winery and of the homonymous family, protagonist of the Barolo revolution within the Piedmontese wine scene where this wine is sovereign.
Renato Ratti sees his training begin and develop at the center of the territory that the Ratti Winery has made great for its wine production, Alba, where he graduated in oenology. Even when sent abroad, to be precise to Brazil, from Cinzano San Paolo basically does not leave aside its Piedmontese roots having to deal with the responsibility of production of Vermouth.

Returning to Italy in 1965, his training in the sector was refined and enriched by the deep skills acquired during his experience abroad, skills that he put into practice in his native land where he began with the purchase of a small vineyard in Barolo in the historic cru of Marcenasco, La Morra, starting his activity as a producer for what will be one of the main wines that will bring his fame well beyond the Italian borders: Renato rats Barolo Marcenasco.

Since its first vintage on the market, the Renato Ratti winery has experienced an unnaturally rapid expansion, making it a participant in situations and positions of great prestige such as the presidency of the Consorzio del Barolo and then of the Consorzio dell'Asti.

Since 1988, the Ratti Winery has been run by his son Pietro Ratti, an oenologist who has led the winery to a development of 35 hectares of vineyards, including Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and, to a lesser extent, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Every year it produces about 300,000 bottles in 9 labels where, among the most important, stand out the prestigious Renato Ratti Barolo Marcenasco and Renato rats Barolo Rocche dell'Annunziata that are flanked by the most labels related to daily consumption as the Renato rats Dolcetto d'Alba Colombè or the Renato rats Barbera Battaglione.

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