roger Grandi BottigliePol Roger Luxury Champagne

Pol Roger is a historic luxury Champagne company. Its origins date back to the mid-19th century when Pol Roger, son of a notary public in Ay, following a financial crisis and his father's illness, started working as a winemaker to help his family recover.

In time Pol's heirs decided to give the company his name, in honour of his hard work. The maison Pol Roger has always had a great interest in England, specialising right from the start in the production of Brut, the dosage most loved by the English.

Famous personalities such as Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth are fans of these Champagnes, who have now achieved great fame and prestige, while continuing to maintain family size as proof of their desire to preserve the care and quality of their bottles. The Champagne Brut Reserve is the symbol of the company, the most appreciated and representative of the Maison.

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