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Maison Paul Bara is located in Bouzy, Grand Cru in the heart of the Reims Mountains. The origins of the winery are very ancient, in fact it was founded in 1860, while in the 1950s Paul Bara decided for the first time to put his name on the labels, a name that has become famous and recognized all over the world among lovers of Champagne.


The company, small in size and family-owned, includes 11 hectares divided into 33 plots, all included in the prestigious Grand Cru of Bouzy and for the most part cultivated with Pinot Noir, in line with the traditional production of the Reims Mountains, where the terroir is particularly suited for the production of this vine.


The company philosophy is based on principles of sustainable agriculture, with the minimum use of chemicals. Careful and meticulous work is also carried out in the cellar: after manual harvesting, the grapes are pressed with two large presses, one of which is made of ancient wood, while fermentation takes place in steel tanks. To always ensure the highest quality, only the first pressing is used to create the cuvées, while the bottles are aged in ancient underground cellars for a duration of about 2 or 3 years for the classic labels and up to 5 or 6 years for the vintage ones.


Few labels and a lot of quality are the characteristics of the Champagne of the Paul Bara range, pure and authentic expressions of the Bouzy terroir, one of the most famous and renowned areas of the Reims mountains, where Pinot Noir reaches the highest levels of elegance and finesse.

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