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Nervi is the oldest winery in the DOCG area of ​​Gattinara, founded in 1906 by Luigi Nervi. The Nebbiolo vines cover a total area of ​​27 hectares in the Casacce, Garavoglie, Molsino, Ronchi and Valferana vineyards. 

Included in the 11.7 hectares of our Molsino vineyard facing south there is one of the most surprising natural amphitheatres in Piedmont while the documents that testify to the origins of the Valferana vineyard - registered in Val Florana in the municipality of Gattinara - date back to 1228.


In the hills of Monte Rosa, the second highest mountain in Europe, the vineyards enjoy sunny days, cool nights, constant breezes and good drainage on steep slopes.


The soil rich in volcanic gravel and clay gives the Nervi vineyards a unique combination in the Italian wine context. The soil rich in minerals lends itself to the production of elegant Nebbiolo wines, endowed with a particular flavor and remarkable longevity; or the virtues that distinguish the Gattinara della Nervi.

Gattinara Vigneto Molsino 2009 NERVI LUIGI GRANDI BOTTIGLIE
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Nervi Gattinara 1962 Grandi Bottiglie
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