movia grandi bottiglie

Movia, excellent and authentic wines from Slovenia

Movia is a renowned winery located in the Slovenian Collio, between Italy and Slovenia. The winery has a history of about 300 years: production began as far back as 1820, when Movia's daughter married Mr Kristančič. Movia was the only winery in the entire Federal Republic of Yugoslavia that did not have to deliver grapes to the Dobrovo Cooperative, thanks to its vineyards located on the border and the Movia family's support for the liberation of Yugoslavia from Nazi troops during World War II.

In this way, the Movia family continued to produce wines freely, always with the same aim of achieving the highest quality. In fact, the company's aim was to produce wines that could be considered among the best in Europe. Movia's vineyard extends for about 20 hectares between the Slovenian Brda region and the Italian Collio, and is managed today by Ales Kristancic, who has always maintained the conviction and pride of belonging to a unique territory and producing wines with total respect for it:

his bottles, obtained using traditional methods and without any kind of chemical substance, are a pure expression of the terroir and proof that it is possible to blend tradition with modernity. Movia's wines have not only conquered the whole of Slovenia, but their fame has now crossed national borders.

Ribolla Gialla Etichetta Nera 2020 Movia
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Movia Spumante Puro Bianco 2015 Grandi Bottiglie
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