Produttori/Champagne Louise Brison Grandi BottiglieLouise Brison fine Champagne

The style of the Maison Louise Brison is based on the combination of tradition and innovation: the use of the traditional 4000 kg press, produced in 1970 and from which a high quality must is produced, has been maintained. 

The Champagnes of the Maison are the result of a blend in equal parts between Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, vifified so as to maintain their original characteristics intact. The great attention to the vineyard and all the production phases, is based on respect for nature and the territory, a fundamental aspect for the production of pure and traditional wines. Since 2019, in fact, the company has undergone the transition to organic farming.


The good sunshine allows the grapes to be harvested in a good state of ripeness, then fermentation takes place in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks for Pinot Noir and in oak barrels for Chardonnay. After a partial malolactic fermentation, the base wine is aged in casks for Chardonnay and partially for Pinot Noir, this gives the Champagna an enrichment of the aromatic bouquet and a slight hint of wood.


The refermentation, lasting 4-5 weeks, takes place in the bottle according to the principles of the Champenoise method, and after six years for the base and 8 for the prestige resting labels on the yeasts in the bottle, Louise Brison's Champagnes are ready to be marketed and conquer the most demanding palates with their class and complexity.

Bottiglia vino personalizzata Champagne Louise Brison Millesime 2014 Grandi Bottiglie Bottiglia vino personalizzata Champagne Louise Brison Millesime 2014 Grandi Bottiglie 2
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