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The best natural wine producer in Burgundy

The Domaine Jean Claude Ramonet is a historic winery based in Chassagne-Montachet and is a true landmark in Burgundy.

The story of Ramonet and his natural wine of the highest quality was started by his grandfather Pierre, a talented oenologist who sold his wines in the United States even before the Second World War after having taken them to all the starred restaurants in France.

The foundation of Domaine Jean Claude Ramonet has an interesting history especially in connection with the export of his first wine to the USA: Pierre Ramonet opened his company with the purchase of the first Cru Clos Ruchottes in 1934.

The export of his wines to the USA practically coincided with the lifting of Prohibition, which allowed Ramonet's Chassagne-Montrachet Clos Ruchottes to be one of the very first spirits in circulation on US soil. Ramonet is in love with his land and all his efforts are directed towards the exaltation of one of France's most authentic and distinctive terroirs, now considered a pivotal point of Burgundy wine history along with the Domaine itself which represents one of Burgundy's most legendary white wine producers.

With Domaine Ramonet, the Aligotè grape variety is clearly revalued and brought to a new level that distinguishes it from other Burgundy white wine producers by a particular stylistic precision, making it unique and rare to find on the market, especially in Italy. Produced from vines almost 60 years old, hosted by a terroir rich in pebbles and minerals, it exalts a traditional gunpowder note followed by an explosion of floral notes encapsulated in a wine with a very clear, bright, shiny cover.

Incredibly fresh and agile, it is followed by an indescribable precision on the palate and an intensity of flavours that raises it above any other Aligoté in the area. An expensive wine for a white, but absolutely justified by the quality and incredible skills of its producer who, let us remember, is considered one of the most talented in the whole of Burgundy.

Ramonet Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Clos du Caillerets 2018 Grandi Bottiglie
Ramonet Saint Aubin 1er Cru Les Charmois 2018 Grandi Bottiglie
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