The extraordinary Domaine Guyon of Vosne Romanée has for years escaped the radar of international criticism, perhaps because Jean-Pierre Guyon spends the greatest possible time in the vineyards, organically grown since 2006, certified since 2012.

Jasper Morris (English Master of Wine, world-renowned expert on Burgundy) was delighted when he tasted them for the first time.

The wines are extraordinarily good, but they have a very reasonable price, a winning combination.

Everything is born in the vineyard, with its excellent qualities of viticultore, Jean-Pierre can use the whole cluster fermentation because the stems are ripe, avoiding the use of sulfur in this phase (although some are added later during the elevation and bottling to ensure stability).

Another point of Guyon's meticulous care is the use of a vertical press before the juice goes into cask for 12 months, before decanting it on older wood for a final maturation of six months.

This range of wines is extremely impressive, from the simple Bourgogne Rouge to the Grand Crus.

Finding high quality Vosne Romanée at this price level is indeed a rare thing.

Clos Vougeot Grand Cru 2011 GUYON GRANDI BOTTIGLIE
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