giulia negri grandi bottiglieGiulia Negri Barologirl

Giulia Negri is a very young Piedmontese winemaker who, at only 30 years of age, manages the Tenuta Serradari, which her family has entrusted to her at La Morra. A commitment that Giulia carries on with commitment and firmness, so much so that today her name is recognized in the panorama of Piedmont wines, and she has been nicknamed "Barologirl". 

Giulia Negri has always wanted to produce wine according to her ideas, in a traditional style that blends with contemporary taste, with continuous experiments such as combining Nebbiolo with Pinot Noir. The terroir of the La Morra area, consisting of clays in the lower part with sands and rising and the presence of limestone blue marl, together with the particular microclimate also influenced by the high heights where the vineyards are exposed, they create clean, simple and flowing wines.


The small cellar, which Giulia calls "Garage", is located in the center of a 14 hectare wood where you can go for walks with dogs looking for truffles and stop to taste typical dishes of the Piedmontese tradition. Inside the cellar there are tonneaux of about 500 liters of capacity where Pinot Noir and Chardonnay rest for a year, Nebbiolo 14 months, Barolo at least 30 months and in certain vintages Barbera. The wines then pass into glass, where Giulia wants them to rest a little longer, because "even glass hides its secrets".


It is fascinating how a team of 4 young people manage an entire estate with such passion and firmness, with bottles that from the first to the last want to represent the territory of origin and their history in a pure way.

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Giulia Negri Barolo Serradenari Magnum 2016 Grandi Bottiglie
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Giulia Negri La Tartufaia Magnum 2016 Grandi Bottiglie
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