Georges Laval Champagne grandi BottiglieGeorges Laval Champagne of Cumiéres

Laval champagnes are small artisan goodies, products of the past vinified following the tradition of manual labor and the total removal of interventionist techniques or chemistry support and manipulation.

The slopes on which the vines grow facing south, the typical terroir consisting mainly of a chalk substrate and the warm microclimate allow the cultivation of vines with unique characteristics that have made the area of Cumiéres a Premier Cru de Champagne and, Georges Laval, is the highest expression.

As well as most French winemakers, in particular the Burgundy wines and Champagne, Laval also perpetuates an organic cultivation technique with artisanal and natural harvesting and vinification in pursuit of a typical tradition of this land, since 1971.

Any agricultural or winemaking technique that may pose a risk to nature or to man is excluded from its vineyards and its champagne so as to ensure an oenological product that reflects the excellent organoleptic qualities of a unique terroir, vocation of the most traditional champagne of the region of the same name, whose wines are certified Ecocert.

According to Maison Georges Laval manual work is a privilege, and on this philosophy is based the production of 9000 bottles of champagne per year from 2.5 hectares of vineyards managed by 3 people.
The trimming, for example, is meticulously done by hand so as to avoid the sinking and compaction of the soil that the sudden passage of the tractor would cause.

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