The Georges Duboeuf company has very ancient origins: it is mentioned about 4 centuries ago, and is located in the French region of Mâconnais. After a succession of generations, Georges took the reins of the company and, thanks to his innovative and visionary spirit, decided to expand the production and marketing of his wines, extending his vineyards in the Beaujoulais, which today has become the production center of the 'company. Here the land is rich in granite and limestone, the grapes grown give life to wines appreciated by all palates for their purity and quality. Duboeuf's production philosophy lays the foundations for respect for the environment, the ability to enhance each terroir, manual harvesting and careful selection of the best grapes: each production is aimed at reaching the top quality. It was thanks to this careful and meticulous work that the company, as a small family business, managed to be recognized and appreciated first in France, then in the rest of the world, in countries such as Japan, Australia and America of the North. The perfect exposure of the vineyards allows adequate ripening of the grapes and expansion of the aromatic range. The mainly cultivated vines are Chardonnay, Syrah, Merlot al Grenache. The grape variety symbol of the territory and of the Georges Duboeuf cellar is however the rich and juicy Gamay, protagonist of the most famous wines of the company: the red Beaujolais.

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