The history of the Fleury family begins in 1895, when the founder, Emile, planted pinot strains grafted onto an American foot after the devastation of phylloxera. Since 1929, his son Robert makes his own Champagne, with the aim of producing a Champagne of quality vigneron. In 1962, Jean-Pierre arrived at the head of the company, and after a while, he began to manage the vineyards with biological criteria, abandoning the use of herbicides and chemical treatments. In 1989, the absolute first of the Champagne winemakers, it converts the company to biodynamics. The sons Jean-Sebastien and Morgane assure today the continuation of the company, without ceasing to bring innovations in winemaking (recently the adoption of oak barrels from 60hl, for vintage and reserve wines), and to continue the great tradition of openness and support towards the small local vignerons, of which they buy the grapes and to which they make the working structures available.

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