Ferme de la Sansonniere Grandi Bottiglie

Ferme de la Sansonnierre, among the most important biodynamic realities of the Loire Valley

Ferme de la Sansonnierre is a winery in the Loire Valley led by Mark Angeli, considered one of the best producers in the region in the field of biodynamic wines. He bought the Domaine in 1984 creating a dream place by breeding Breton "pois noire" cows to have a manure of absolute quality, where he cultivates 2 hectares of wheat and 8 hectares of vineyard.

He also uses solar electricity with photovoltaic panels and a tractor running on sunflower oil that he grows himself. The vines grow freely without being supported by any wooden or iron supports, to ensure adequate light on both sides.

The grapes are harvested at the right stage of ripeness and carefully selected, and then pressed in two old vertical presses from which a must of absolute quality is obtained; the juice is slowly extracted for 24 hours, and no destemming, filtering, clarification or addition of sulfur is done: only long fermentations in amphorae or oak barrels. Its wines are great expressions of terroir, produced with full respect for nature.

Ferme de la Sansonnierre Rose du Jour 2019 Grandi Bottiglie
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