fenocchio grandi bottiglieGiacomo Fenocchio, Barolo autentici e territoriali

Fenocchio is a family business in Monforte in the Langhe, which was founded in 1864 but saw its development in the 1970s thanks to Giacomo, while today it is run by Claudio and Albino Fenocchio.

In a terroir of great value that is Bussia in Monforte, the company conducts work based on tradition, through great attention to all phases of production in the vineyards and long vinification with the use of large barrels in the cellar, where the barriques are excluded because they would release too many aromas and it is preferred to maintain as much as possible the original profile of the wine. The result is a very elegant and delicate traditional wine. The grapes are grown in the Bussia vineyard, in a 4-hectare south-west facing plot of land on clay and limestone soils rich in iron.

Since 1972 the company has also owned a vineyard at Cannubi, while since 1995 the property has also included a vineyard at Villero, another historic and highly suitable cru. Cultivation in all the vineyards is based on sustainable principles and respect for the terroir, in a traditional way and with minimal intervention in the cellar, to obtain authentic, non-standardised wines, unique bottles with a fascinating aromatic profile.

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