Emmanuel Brochet Grandi BottiglieEmmanuel Brochet, organic Champagne 

The Domaine Emmanuel Brochet was born in 1997 when Emanuelle decided to take over the land that her father gave in concession to other wine producers, to set up his Domaine. Always animated by a great passion for wine, he embarks on this adventure alone, training himself as a self-taught, as the first winemaker of the family. His ideas are clear from the start: Brochet wants to produce wines in a non-invasive way and in full respect of the terroir of origin: the Champagne region.

A long and demanding path, carried out with the subsequent conversion to organic agriculture. Today the Brochet domaine develops on a hill of only 2.5 hectares, Mont Benoit, the vineyards rest on clayey soils with a chalky substrate, which gives minerals to the grapes, with exposure of the vineyards to the east. The vineyards, divided between younger ones and older up to 60 years, they include the classic vines of Champagne production: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

The harvest is done manually as well as the careful selection of the grapes which then undergo a soft pressing through a wooden press, for subsequent maturation in wooden barrels. 11,000 bottles of fine and genuine Champagne come, which express the terroir of origin in a pure way.

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Emmanuel Brochet Champagne Rose de Saignee Grandi Bottiglie
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