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Domaine de Villeneuve, biodynamic wines from the Rhone Valley

Domaine de Villeneuve is located a few kilometres south of Orange in the Rhone Valley, at the northern end of the Château-Pape du Pont du Pope. The winery was bought by the Roy de Blicquy and Wallut families in 1993. They started restoring the old vineyards and turned to biodynamic farming as early as 1998. Since 2004 the owner is Stanislas Wallut, who personally takes care of the winemaking. The cellar is completely underground with a depth of more than 6 metres.

The two sides 4 are built with 7.5 tonnes of large stones from Gard: in this way, in addition to the advantages of natural temperature and humidity regulation, the grapes are processed by gravity (whole, destemmed or crushed) ), avoiding the "crude" use of the pump. The cuverie only sees that concrete tanks are very suitable for insulation in very hot climates (such as the southern Rhône).

The meticulous work of Stanislas, the application of biodynamic practices in the vineyards, ancient sapling plants (even up to one hundred years old), gentle (destemming with very soft pressing) and non-invasive (fine pumping over without extraction), precisely to facilitate the immersion of the skins and seeds) processes in an incredibly exquisite and elegant wine, capable of surprising purity and complexity, and therefore compatible with the most appreciated Chateauneuf-du-Pape wines Completely opposite extraction and concentration.

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