Alessandro Dettori Grandi Bottiglie

Dettori, the natural winemaker from Sardinia

Dettori is a Sardinian winery located in Sennori, in the province of Sassari, in an area called Logudoro (golden place in Sardinian) because it is considered the most fertile, vocated and rich part of Sardinia as well as the undisputed cradle and home of the Cannonau vine.

The winery, dug underground, is family-run and is certified biodynamic. The company's philosophy is based on the utmost respect for nature and on the principle that the wine should reflect as closely as possible the grapes from which it was made, with minimal intervention in the cellar and no use of chemicals.

The grapes cultivated are mainly: Vermentino, Cannonau, Monica, Pascale and Moscato, coming from the wonderful Cru of Badde Nigolosu, which creates a sort of amphitheatre with the vines at an altitude of about 250 metres, surrounded by hills. The soil is mainly calcareous and rich in sandstone: the combination of these two minerals gives it its typical creamy white colour. The grapes are harvested by hand, destemmed but not crushed, and left to macerate in cement vats without the addition of any sulphur dioxide. The must ferments in small cement vats until bottling.

No yeast, enzymes or any other wine-making aids are added. In the final stage, the wines produced are not filtered, nor are they clarified or barricaded: they are Cru wines and are processed in purity: each bottle can be different from the other and it is good to let them express themselves at their own pace.

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