dalforno grandi bottiglieRomano dal Forno Valpolicella wines

The Romano Dal Forno company was founded in 1957 in Capovilla, a few kilometers from Illasi, a municipality in the province of Verona. 


The turning point for his life and professional career occurred at 22 when he met Giuseppe Quintarelli, who became an illuminating guide for him: he learned from him a new way of producing wine, managing vineyards and above all the importance of focusing on quality rather than quantity. The first period was quite complicated, but after many efforts and thanks to the union of the family and the support of the four sons Romano, Marco, Luca and Michele, the company managed to grow and soon become a reference point worldwide in the context of Valpolicella wines.


Today it is the fourth generation of the Dal Forno family to guide the reins of the company, for the production of wines that are unique and inimitable expressions of an extraordinary territory, meticulous work and a lot of passion. Labels that manage to surprise and excite.

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