Chave Grandi BottiglieChave, best wines of Rhone

Since 1841, from generation to generation, and there are 18 of them, the Chave have established themselves as true masters of the syrah and of the Hermitage denomination in particular. 

The winery is located in Mauves and consists of about 30 hectares, 11 of which are Hermitage in the climat Bressards, Ermite, Méal, Beaumes and Péléat. According to Jean-Luis, who today is in charge of the reins of the winery, only by blending these terroirs (Bessards composed of granite, Méal clay, Ermite clay and granite and the remaining clay and silt) can one obtain wines that best express the denomination. "Bressards represents the skeleton of the wine, the grapes from other areas the fatness and the fruit," says .


The result is powerful, yet fresh and elegant wines with a long propensity for aging, both for reds and whites. Jean-Louis Chave is considered one of the greatest if not the greatest interpreter of Rhone Valley wines, particularly the Hermitage appellation.

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