For all, Ceretto is above all synonymous with the constant search for excellence. In fact, for over half a century the winery has been recognized for the very high quality of its products, ambassadors of Piedmont and Italy in the world.

A family of historical tradition that has come to light not only for the wines produced from vineyards in magnificent locations in the Langhe and Roero, but also for innovative works of art that characterize the properties of the family.

In 1937, the founder, Riccardo Ceretto, founded the original nucleus of the company in an ancient nineteenth-century farmhouse, today transformed into a grandiose wine cellar with geometries and modern design, which together with the other two farms (Bricco Rocche in Castiglione Falletto and Bricco Asili in Barbaresco) represents the wine heritage of the Ceretto family.

The management in the vineyard is increasingly careful to limit the use of synthetic products as much as possible, focusing on viticulture with respect for nature, while in the cellar, with the entry of the very talented Alessandro Ceretto, the vinification and maturation follow a more protocol traditional of the past.

Three quarters of a century of events, acquisitions, intuitions and achievements that have decreed the oenological success of the family, closely linked to the land with which they have realized dreams and cultivated their passion.

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