Vini Cappellano

Cappellanbo wines: the Doctor's vineyards

Capellano wines are now recognized throughout the world as prestigious and high yield value labels on the global wine market and their fame, such as Barolo Cappellano and Nebbiolo Cappellano for example, has far exceeded national borders.

The history of the Cappellano winery begins with his great-grandfather, the notary Dr. Filippo Cappellano, who founded the company by merging 60 hectares of arable land on his property to pursue his passion for wine.

His successor was his sons Giovanni, an oenologist, and his brother Giuseppe, who followed his pharmaceutical studies, which produced concentrated curative musts for the phylloxera that was already seriously decimating the harvests in those years and inventor of the famous Barolo Chinato Cappellano.

The history of his Barolo Chinato and the vinification of a wine flavoured with herbs is interesting, leaving aside the most famous wines of the Cappellano winery.

Already the Egyptians used to aromatize wine with curative herbs, the Persians with spices, cannabis and poppy, the Romans with pine resin, honey, rose petals and violets and, in Turin, the Vermut, perhaps the true inspirer of Barolo Chinato Cappellano.

Barolo Chinato was originally born as a medicine, that's why it was for the attention of his uncle Giovanni his invention that, as a pharmacist, knew well the individual organoleptic properties of each spice and its curative potential. The stroke of genius was the precise and balanced balance of spices with respect to the flavours and aromas of Barolo.

The effect of all the spices of Barolo Chinato Cappellano brings numerous beneficial effects: the synergy of the elements extracted through maceration in alcohol leads to the development of active ingredients with a bitter taste that stimulate the saliva secretion and gastric juice, thus helping the digestion.

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