Letrari winery, located in Rovereto, in the Val Lagarina, was founded by Leonello Letrari and his wife Maria Vittoria. It is he who starts to work the vineyards and in the 60s lays the foundations for the production of the first quality sparkling wines, re-evaluating the wines of the area so far little known. In 1976 the spouses set up the Letrari company, led today by their daughter Lucia together with the help of their son Paolo Emilio. The winery is made up of 23 hectares of vineyards, scattered along the Adige valley. Here the microclimate is made favorable to the production of wine thanks to the so-called Ora del Garda, and the vineyards rest on poor and rocky soils. In 2000 the Letrari family inaugurated the new winery in Borgo Sacco di Rovereto, born from the desire to always modernize respecting the environment and the traditional peasant architecture of the region. The Cantina Letrari today is known above all for the production of sparkling wines, but boasts 27 different labels, including sparkling wines, red, white and rosé wines.

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