Monferrato Bianco Solaluce 2005 COLLEDORO GRANDI BOTTIGLIE

Monferrato Bianco Solaluce 2005


Do you know what a vintage wine really is?
Vintage wine is not to be considered as a product to be tasted, but as an emotion to give that brings with it the memories of a past time.
It is first and foremost a collector's work, with high antiques value and only later, if you are lucky, a wine to taste.

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The COLLEDORO's MONFERRATO BIANCO SOLALUCE, as well as all the vintage wines in general, it is subject to a multitude of variables that condition aging with the passing of time so as not to guarantee its drinkability, the only way to understand if it is still drinkable is to uncork it.

What we can guarantee is the fact that it is undoubtedly an extremely original gift, of great impact and emotional value for those who receive it, especially if accompanied by a special personalized wooden wine box or by special personalized wine accessories as personalized corckscrew or champagne sabers.

The COLLEDORO's MONFERRATO BIANCO SOLALUCE is a vintage wine perfect for a birthday gift, wedding anniversary, corporate gift or as a favor.
Also great for celebrating events like a degree, a pension or Mother's and Father's Day.

Don't forget that you can combine it with vintage wine COLLEDORO's MONFERRATO BIANCO SOLALUCE un originality warranty certificate signed by Grandi Bottiglie.



  • CLEAR COLOR: the body of the wine has degenerated and its natural color is lightened
  • LOW LEVEL: a bad course of aging has led to the entry of oxygen and the lowering by evaporation of the normal level of wine in the bottle

NB: The customization of the accessories does not affect the delivery times.

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