Rabasco Grandi BottiglieRabasco wines reflect the ancient Abruzzese tradition.


We are in Pianella in the province of Pescara, the property has 9 hectares of vines with an annual production of 25,000 bottles.


The vineyards are trained on spurred cordon and are located between 350 and 500 meters above sea level. We are halfway between the Adriatic sea and the Maiella park.


The rows that accommodate the Trebbiano and the Montepulciano are arranged in 4 vineyards (Cancelli, Concheta, La salita and San desiderio)


The earth is respected excluding any chemical substance and we try to improve the total harmony with biodynamic treatments.


Fermentations start spontaneously and vinification takes place in 10hl truncated cones.


No sulfur is ever used in fermentation, nor during decanting or bottling.


The wines of Rabasco are terroir wines the fruit of love for the Abruzzese tradition.

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