En Primeur 2020

Buying En Primeur, as the name suggests, is done before the wine is really available in the market, this gives the possibility to pay for the bottles in advance while saving on their price.

This is an interesting argument for the ones who want to invest in fine wines as well as for the ones who want to buy great wines to drink at a lower price than the one to be released on the market.

The price of a Primeurs wine is almost always lower than the one which is revealed at the moment of the delivery of cases, usually about 2 years later. Buying Primeurs wines also allows to get rare and precious wines on the market in different formats.

For this reason generally buying en primeurs can be profitable, even though obviously a deep knowledge about the vintage is very important in order to understand which wines to focus on.

Nowadays en primeurs is not just a matter of Bordeaux, this particular system of buying is also applied in Bourgogne and now in Italy as well.

An excellent possibility for investors and collectors tasters.

Wines will be available in the first half of 2023

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