The Conti Zecca company has an ancient origin: we are talking about five centuries ago when the noble family of the Counts Zecca from Naples decided to move to Leverano, in the south of Puglia. In 1935, the Count Alcibiade Zecca began the work of vinification of its grapes. It is at that moment that the history of the estate began, which today can be considered among the most important in Salento: the winery today includes 320 hectares of vines from which red, white and rosé wines are produced, of which each production step is performed with great care and attention. The native vines of the area are preferred such as primitivo, negroamaro, black and white malvasia, aglianico, fiano, vermentino etc. .. and some international vines such as chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. The warm and sunny climate of Salento allows an adequate ripening of the grapes and enrichment of the aromatic outfit, the wines are full-bodied and full. The company's goal is to reach the highest quality level of the grapes, a fundamental element for the production of high-level wines. Through hard and meticulous work, the Conti Zecca estate has managed to make its way to be recognized among the most important realities of Salento and Puglia itself, with its wines appreciated by the palates of all Italy. Among the labels of the company we mention the primitive "Cantalupi", the rosé "Venus" and the white "Mendola", just a few examples of the wonderful Conti Zecca wine line.

Vino Rosso Tenuta Donna Marzia 1973 CONTI ZECCA GRANDI BOTTIGLIE
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