Chateau Le Puy Grandi bottiglie

Chateau Le Puy, authentic wines from Bordeaux

Château Le Puy is a winery of Bordeaux, in particular it is located on the same rocky plateau of Saint-Émilion and Pomerol and it is part of the appellation Côtes Francs de Bordeaux. It is the highest point of Gironde, at about 110 meters above sea level, for this reason it has been called "the plateau of wonders" since ancient times. The estate has 54 hectares of vineyards which are about 50 years old and which are run by the Amoreau family according to biodynamic principles with full respect for their terroir.

In the vineyard there is no use of chemicals for the cultivation of a soil rich in clay, silicon and limestone, a composition that makes it particularly suitable for the typical varieties of the region such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Carménère and Sémillon. In the cellar fermentations are spontaneous and the aging process is done in large casks. Afterwards, the wine is not filtered and bottling follows the phases of the moon.

All this allows to obtain truly unique and special bottles, which authentically tell about traditions and terroir. "Being winemakers means being observant, curious, thoughtful, hardworking, courageous, meticulous, in love with nature and living beings, respectful of its creatures. It means being artists with method, daring with restraint, enthusiastic with knowledge, fiery with patience, stubborn with imagination, economical with generosity. Being a winemaker means giving the enthusiast the best of himself through wine," says Jean-Pierre Amoreau.

Chateau Le Puy Emilien Magnum 2019 Grandi Bottiglie
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