Our best proposals for gifts for

Christmas 2022

This year, don't go crazy with the Christmas Gifts, relax and rely on our gift ideas, in our selection you will find wines of all kinds, suitable for every recipient.

From important and sophisticated bottles to personalised wine accessories, there's a gift for everyone and for every budget!

The best wines to give at Christmas

Un regalo universale come una bella bottiglia di vino non passa mai di moda, ma qual è il miglior vino da regalare a Natale?

Per andare sul sicuro bisognerebbe conoscere i gusti del destinatario del nostro regalo, c'è chi preferisce vini bianchi più minerali e più facili da bere, chi invece ama i rossi strutturati ed imponenti, chi sceglie le bolle, chi impazzisce per i distillati, ma come facciamo a conoscere i gusti dello zio Franco che vediamo solo a Natale?

Insomma non è semplice scegliere qual é il vino perfetto come regalo di Natale, ma ci sono alcune scelte "evergreen" che sono sempre apprezzate e ti faranno fare un figurone!

Champagne da regalare a Natale


A must! With a nice bottle of Champagne you'll never go wrong and you'll look great. Champagne has always been synonymous with luxury and glitz and is certainly one of the most popular gifts. In our selection you'll find solutions for every budget.

Vini italiani da regalare a Natale

Best Italian Wines

The best of Italy's wine scene, give a Barolo or a Brunello di Montalcino as a gift, they are prestigious labels appreciated even by the less experienced. Discover our selection, from small oenological pearls to great labels!

vini di borgogna da regalare a Natale

Burgundy Wines

If you're giving an important Christmas present to a wine lover, it's in Burgundy that you should turn your gaze.

In our selection you will find wines from all over the Côte d'Or, both reds and whites, from Bourgogne to the prestigious Grand Cru.

Vini dal mondo da regalare a Natale

Wines from the World

Do you know what an enthusiast's favourite wine is? The one he doesn't know yet!

Not only Italian and French wines, this Christmas choose an alternative wine, Spain, Austria, New Zealand and South Africa are waiting for you!

vini di borgogna da regalare a Natale

White Wines

The right section where to find the perfect Christmas gift for those who love the minerality and freshness of white wines.

A selection covering all of Italy and beyond, where you can find the right gift for every budget.

Vini Naturali da regalare a Natale

Natural Wines

The "green" selection of Grandi Bottiglie where you can find wines from organic and biodynamic agriculture from producers who have made respect for nature and terroir their philosophy of life. No pesticides or chemical interventions in the vineyard or cellar.

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Tasting Boxes

Don't know which wines to give as a gift? Rely on our wine-tasting boxes!

In our selection you will find cases of wine at a special price as well as wine-tasting boxes specially designed by our sommeliers.

The gift of timeless charm: Armagnac, the oldest French spirit

Less well known than its cousin Cognac, Armagnac is the oldest French spirit.

It is produced in the historical region of Gascony in the county from which it takes its name, through the distillation of wine obtained from white grapes such as Folle Blanche, Colombard and Baco Blanc.

Compared to Cognac has a warm and velvety taste more complex and a greater aromatic depth with ethereal and toasted scents.

In our selection you will find Bas Armagnacs from 1960 to the present day accompanied by a wooden box that you can engrave as you wish!

Its history and charm make it a sought-after and truly original Christmas gift idea!

Rare and fine whiskies

With a fire lit while the snow falls slowly and heavily outside, what could be better than a Whisky on a cold winter's evening?

Here then is our selection of Whisky to give at Christmas, a gift that never goes out of fashion and makes every Dad or Grandad happy.

Gift Card

Are you undecided about which wine is perfect?

With a Gift Card you've solved the problem, just choose the cut you prefer:

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The creative and impressive Christmas gift: wine bottles with personalised labels!

The most original and impressive Christmas gift idea ever! 

By giving a personalised bottle you will never go wrong and the recipient will certainly be surprised. You can personalise the label as you like, using a ready-made template or uploading your own photo or graphics.

Imagine the amazement of those who receive a Christmas gift made to measure for him or her.

In our selection you will find a wide choice of wines from all over Italy ready to be personalised, whites, reds, bubbles, rosés or liqueurs and to complete the whole thing add a wooden box with a personalised dedication, the WOW effect is guaranteed!

Personalised accessories, goblets, corkscrews, sabres and much more!

Personalised accessories are the perfect gift for any wine lover, all the accessories on sale on Grandi Bottiglie are customisable, imagination is the only limit!

idea regalo natale cavatappi personalizzati

Personalised Corkscrew

idee regalo natale sciabole personalizzate

Champagne Sabers

idea regalo natale calice vino personalizzato

Personalised Goblets

idea regalo natale porta tappi personalizzato

Personalised Cork Case

Vintage Wine Bottles:
What if I gave an emotion for Christmas?

A vintage bottle of wine is not just a bottle of wine, not at all!

Giving a bottle of vintage wine as a gift is a much more exciting gesture than you think because it holds within it memories, emotions, feelings and memories of a time that has now passed, gone, far and away from us, regardless of whether the person in question is a wine lover or whether the bottle is actually drinkable.

Choose a bottle from his or her year and enjoy the expression of astonishment and wonder that will invade his or her face.

Giving a vintage wine is more than just giving a bottle of wine, giving a vintage wine is giving an emotion.

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