Gianfranco Soldera was a winemaker who brought the totally natural approach to Montalcino.

Gianfranco Soldera's natural winemaking project is based on a fundamental principle: to produce a fine wine, it is necessary to treat not only the vines, but also the surrounding environment.

Natural viticulture needs a complex ecosystem, made up of other plants, insects and animals. The hand of man is not enough and certainly is not helpful if it claims to exploit the soil and crops without regard.

At Case Basse the vines are planted in a complex ecosystem, made up of a great variety of other plants, animals and insects.

An environment that enjoys a similar biodiversity, allows the vines to remain healthy and find in their environment the antagonists to problems and pathologies potentially damaging to their integrity.

The contribution of the natural context is fundamental: in fact, Case Basse does not use herbicides or other chemical products, soils are fertilized exclusively with organic substances and the rows are processed by hand.

The extension of the vines is reduced (10 hectares in all), to ensure that the processing of the plants can be done by hand and that the harvest, also manual, ends in a short time.

The harvest at Case Basse is completely manual: the grapes are selected first in the vineyard and then again in the cellar, so that only the healthy and ripe one is de-stemmed, keeping the whole berries. A final scrupulous selection concerns precisely the berries, passed one by one to verify their quality

Soldera uses only grapes from the company's vineyards: 100% Sangiovese grape, which are selected manually and with great skill, up to the grape, to get only the best from what the territory produces.

The vinification is completely natural: it takes place in large Slavonian oak barrels, thanks to indigenous microorganisms, spontaneously developed on the spot, and without the use of artificial yeasts.

Soldera wine comes on the market only if, at the end of this long and rigorous process, it reaches a level of quality in line with the expectations of the company

The Brunellos by Gianfranco Soldera are unique, inimitable, rare and precious.

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