RIVELLA.jpgTeobaldo Rivella belongs to a generation of winemakers (the father Serafino produced and sold loose wine and in demijohn as his grandfather Pietro and his brother Guido for 40 years was oenologist for Angelo Gaja).

He began to bottle himself for himself in 1967 from the vineyards left by his father and since then produces just over 10,000 bottles a year divided between a few bottles of Barbaresco (about 8000) and very few of Dolcetto (about 3000).

It has not changed and has not wanted to change anything. It has maintained the same spirit and idea of wine, allowing itself only the thinning and the selection of the bunches already on the plant. Sustainer of a natural viticulture, has always accepted over the years the seasons with their own courses for good and bad with great respect for time and tradition without any concession to modern style and haste. Respect for the ripening of the grapes, respect for the refinement.

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