Sancio, vini autentici della Liguria

Sancio is a Ligurian winery located in the province of Savona, in the commune of Spotorno. It was established about fifty years ago thanks to Mario Sancio, who, as a wine merchant, decided to start producing wines, increasing the business by acquiring new plots of land.

Today the business is run by Mario's son, Riccardo Sancio, who continues the family activity with the same intent of producing wines of high quality, trying to adapt to the technological developments while having as reference the traditional principles handed down by his family. Currently the winery has six hectares of vineyards owned by Sancio, producing an average of about 45 thousand bottles per year ranging from classic Ligurian whites such as Pigato, Vermentino and Lumassina to reds such as Rossese and Ormeasco.

In the vineyard we try to respect as much as possible the balance of the environmental ecosystem, where every choice is careful and aimed at obtaining healthy and genuine grapes, rich and concentrated. In the winery the same sustainable principles are applied, fermentation is done in steel tanks and at controlled temperature, whereas aging varies according to the type of wine.

Always with the intent of reaching the highest quality levels, we intervene in order to exalt and enhance in the wines themselves, all the innate characteristics of the grapes and all that the season and the territory can tell.

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