Moet & Chandon: luxury in a glass of champagne bubbles

Moet Chandon Champagne, today one of the most sought-after wines in the world, expression and symbol of high and luxurious French quality.
Owner of the most extensive wine growing in the homonymous French region of Champagne, Moet & Chandon owns 1,190 hectares of cultivated land divided into 99 villages that host 50% Grand Cru and 25% Premier Cru.

The high quality and power of the Maison de Champagne not only translates into luxury for the final customer, but also for the Maison itself which, with the vineyards of Montagne de Reims, Cotes des Blancs, Vallee de la Marne, Sezanne and Aube have access to approximately 200 of the region's 323 crus, including 17 Grand Crus and 32 of the 44 Premier Crus based on Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay scattered throughout the region giving the luxury of choice and luxury of selection.

The Moet & Chandon champagne vinification and storage cellars are the largest in the Copn region with over 28 km of underground labyrinths where the grapes are expertly processed in what the world knows as some of the finest champagnes of all time, including the legendary Dom Perignon, Moet Chandon Imperial, Moet Chandon Ice Imperial, Moet Chandon Rose or the Moet Chandon Grand Vintage 2009 and 2012 versions.

The Maison de Chamapgne Moet & Chandon produces truly elavet quantities of bottles, about 32 million pieces per year under the expert guidance of one of the best chef de cave, Benoit Gouez, supported by the most modern technologies in the sector in the vinification of French bubbles.

With its impressive production, Dom Perignon is certainly the best known label, alongside all those situations of luxury parties that see stars of the cinema, sports champions and world-famous personalities as protagonists, glamorous occasions in which the concept of celebration becomes the brand of the Moet & Chandon philosophy: to be present when there is something to celebrate.

One of the very first symbolic gestures to underline this concept was and still is the Sabrieren of the bottles on the occasion of the christening of the ships at their first launching.

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